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Nothing terribly exciting to update with other then some maintenance stuff. New A/C compressor & recharged, a new axle, etc...

But after nearly 9 years of ownership, one would think that any previous owner's bugs have finally been worked out. Well, no, not in my case...

I really thought after replacing and re-wiring some of the gauges that there couldn't be anywhere else for surprises to be found, but I found 2 yesterday!

The past few months I've been trying to trace a leak. It was driving me nuts cause it would only happen in the rain and when my car was parked at the particular angle my driveway happens to be at. The carpet under the pedals was wet and nowhere else. I managed to squeeze in the time with a friend at his family's body shop and we found it to be coming from between the window molding and the body about halfway down the windshield. His dad who's been at it for 30+ years in the field mentioned that the plastic clips that hold the molding to the car sometimes dry out and let water squeak through.

I ordered a new molding with new clips & screws, etc. from the dealership as I was certain my old one would break removing it, but surprisingly didn't and was super easy to replace included putting the seal back in. When removing it, one of the white plastic mounting clips for the screws wasn't like the other! It looked like it was for something else that was just jammed in there! It was even re-drilled a few times in order to line up with the molding's hole. It was also the area the leak was coming from; I had to break it apart in order to get it out of the body.

I thought that was really strange. While I put the new molding on I noticed that my new one didn't come with that little tab of mystery that sticks out, that no one really knows what its for...

Now that I knew how the molding held together, I thought I'd try and take the tab out of the passenger side for some added symmetry. I pulled the seal down a bit to get to the tabs screw, and the tab just came out by hand!? I looked up and there no screw in that part of the passenger molding! Only the seal on that side was holding it in place this entire time! I re-used an old screw from the driver's side and put that back together.

I started thinking as to how the hell that could happen and my best guess is that the car was. or someone attempted to, break into her damaging stuff, and whatever shop did a shoddy job putting everything back together. It would also explain the faulty operating, overkill alarm that came with the car...
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