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Originally Posted by jsmaze View Post
Pre, thanks for the giant response! I'm not gonna quote it all because it was so extensive, so just going to write a little by category.

Alarm + Cams - I currently have an Xfinity security system, which has been really nice. I have an open/close sensor on every downstairs window and door, two motion sensors and two indoor cams. I want to add a couple exterior cams as well, but 14 does sound like a lot.

Doors - Got kids in the house so no double cylinders except on the front security door, but that's only locked using the handle twist lock, and a very rarely accessed side door on the garage. I would like to get a solid door for the master bedroom. Even in the rental I could take it with me to the next house.


Driveway/Vehicles - Can't really comment here, except I don't keep vehicles outside when possible. My neighborhood has a lot of petty theft, especially mailboxes and vehicles. I can't believe how often people leave their cars unlocked with stuff inside. Amazeballs.

Weapons - Ear protection for home defense?

As for the weapon, very similar. Beretta 1301 cruiser

House I disagree significantly on defensive positions in the house.
Didn't quote it all, just the relevant stuff for feedback.

On the defensive positions, I did mention if you have a family to figure out a spot to move everyone towards.
If you have a family just practice getting all of them, quickly into one location.
It's what I have been taught by LE and military. To drill them.....any alert get them into a safe position. Myself, I have to fight back to my safe so I'm fighting from wherever I am. That's another thing they drilled into me, fight from wherever you are. In many cases if it's going to go down at all, you aren't going to have a choice. Just be prepared.

Sounds like your HD is solid. You've got the best weapon, to me, as HD. The shottie has so many different loads, it's unlike anything else. They make all kinds of shells.

EarPro. Mine are battery powered. I can still hear voices and such, so I can talk to anyone while using them. They are just made to suppress firearm noise. Look into them.
You should do a course where you fire pistol, shotgun, and rifle indoors. Dude it's loud AF and will blow your hearing out, or your loved ones, we're talking permanent damage. My ears rang with foamies and my ear pro, doubled up. 556 and shotgun shells were loud AF! I've got a can I bought several years ago before the ATF changes so I have been procrastinating on the mounts as I intend to use it on 4 different firearms with the main one being my Scorpion. Once I get it on there I'm gong to retire or sell the Benelli.

I have to park one vehicle in the driveway and soon enough it will be two as I am out of garage space, all my vehicles are packed in there. I have an app based car alarm so anything going on I get instant notification from anywhere in the world. My hood is alley fed and I built a carport in the back, and have 3 cameras back there. Alarm goes off I have live video, audio, a mic to use and a siren I can hit in addition to the car alarm. Pretty trick. Eventually I'll sell my property and build a barndo. I don't like parking stuff outside either but this is the way it is until I can build a 3000-4000 sq ft garage on some property. And the job market will probably keep me from doing so for 10+ years.

Doors/windows, I had to replace them all due to age. So it wasn't much for me to do a little extra while the work was going. Beefing up security in these areas was actually very little cost. Steel door in front and will have one on the back soon as well. Better insulation and stronger than anything at the same price. Windows, if the frames are good and dual pane or better, they are a mf'er to get through.

Cams, yeah I have a few more than I really need but hard to argue with "cost" on the hardware. I have my entire property covered, front yard, pool equipment, carport, alley, front street as it pertains to my property line and inside and outside of my garage where I've got $ invested in vehicles. it's setup so if I'm not at home a contractor is being recorded so no worries about foul play. The pool is always a liability risk. Some kids in the neighborhood figure out a way to scale the 10 ft fence and get in there and one of them drowns, I'm not going to be liable with locks, and video. I originally had a few less but my landscape guy who i pay once per year exposed a weak spot. He figured out the one place he could hide so I corrected that. Same for my pool equipment. I trust my guy that I pay 1-2 times a year to come out but now I have a cam right on all that expensive pool equipment. And you can longer hide anywhere.

Sounds like you are renting. And from what i read you have a good setup for now. I wouldn't invest too much into anything I'm renting. Wait until you have your own property. I think you are g2g for now.
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