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Originally Posted by just smurfy View Post
. This smart ass response is what I get for spending my time on yoar thread? I was merely reminding you of everything your budget needs to cover. Next time I'll know better. I seriously hope you go for a long swim in the ocean without a vest and water fills your lungs.
LOL, of course a life jacket is in order but the whole time our MOM would remind us not to forget the life jacket.

Originally Posted by Mike Wevrick View Post
Your logic is backwards. With a sit-on model you are guaranteed to get wet. I would not want to use one with cold weather. With a sit-in model you wear a "skirt" that seals to a cockpit and keeps water out of the boat. Your lower body stays dry. For bad weather you wear a dry top or semi-dry top. example:
Yeah, that's what I meant. I like the idea of a sit on but the cold water makes me want to lean towards the sit in with a skirt.

Originally Posted by WhiteH2O View Post
I have a lot of time in/on both sit on top and sit inside kayaks. For what you are wanting, I would go sit inside no questions. Sit on top kayaks are better when you don't mind being more wet, you want to be able to get out and back in in the water (diving and swimming), and you will be in warm water all the time. My flatwater racing boats are sit on top (surfski) and they are a lot colder during the winter, and it is difficult to paddle even in flat water without getting wet.

I have paddled the Frenzy that you have listed in the first post, and I thought it was a very slow pig. Stable as a barge, but you don't need something stable enough to fly fish out of while standing up.

If I were in your situation, I would try to find something that is about 14' long and 23" wide. Get a comfortable life jacket, spraydeck, and a good paddle. You don't have to spring for a carbon paddle, but the lighter paddles make kayaking a lot more fun.

I will look around to see if I can come up with a good example of what I would recommend.
huh......... back to being undecided

The salespeople we talked to ALL suggested the sit on because they are easier to manuever whereas the sit-in version you must work on finding you balance and the hassle of getting water in it.

Thanks for the info
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