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Default 13 Wrx Cel

This car has been nothing but nightmares! My car has 77k miles and about 70K+ of them are highway miles commuting for work. Iíve babied this car and Iím the original owner. About a year ago I got the random misfire cel, I tried the harness trick plus a full tune up and it worked for about 4 months and then the cel kept on coming back every other trip to work (80 miles round trip) or so. I finally got around to doing a compression test and cylinder 4 was very low. Long story short- I pulled the motor and also did a leak down test and every cylinder was below the safe range. All the valves were covered in carbon buildup and I sprayed some soapy water in the head and the valves werenít sealing.. I found a few valve guides that were slightly dropped, but the heads it self wasnít damaged.. I got both heads done and did a leak down test when it was all back together, I also changed every gasket and it was good to go! Motors back in the car, and boom! CEL! Same ones as before plus an oxygen sensor cel(maybe it was sitting out to long).. I did all new coils, up graded all the grounds(battery, trans, under the motor, driver side fuel bracket ground is new with the new harness) oxygen sensor, injectors,and just installed the upgraded harness. I went back and did the compression test and it came out good.. idle is a little rough, the car sometimes wants to shut off when I come to a stop(after a while it fixes it self) maybe this is the Ecu relearning after I keep removing the battery. I removed the TGVs while the motor was out of the car not sure if the butterfly plate needs to be clocked in a certain position before installing the TGV solenoids(canít find an answer besides deleting them)
CELs that keep popping up
P0300- random misfire
P0304 cly 4 misfire
P0031 bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen- this was just changed. I opened the ECU to make sure itís not damaged. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciate! Thanks!
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