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ok well it seems there are mixed feelings on the subject and more and more of them lean towards azscooby. while the poll leans towards giving it a try. i would be willing to help with the azscooby site. i am new to subaru and car clubs in general. i understand aaron, that you are busy and cant keep everyone happy. that is not my point. i was just willing to start a new or maybe a different style of club that kinda keeps close with its members. i dont care if there is 3 or 30 members, im not going for size just a tight, close nit following. i dont even live in phx, i live in prescott and i am willing to make weekly trips to phx or flag to have fun in my subaru. i know that not everyone can do that and that is just fine, you can only do so much and i am not even asking anyone to make 100 percent of the events. i dont want to step on anyones toes or cause some weirdness between myself and the owners/webmasters/anyone involved with azscooby. i know i can keep the site updated and keep new pics and videos on the site. i have just finished editing the yarnell vid and will post it soon. i have salt river canyon film that needs to be edited. i work for an ambulance company and i have lots of down time. im on my laptop at work right now using the internet. i have built a few websites just sitting here in a recliner over the last 6 months. i have nothing better to do at work than keep a close nit subaru family going. but it kinda sounds like it might be a waste of time. the polls say one thing and the replys say another. maybe i should just set one up and see what everyone does, if they come over and visit the site cool and if not maybe ill see them on swic. but i do know that the 10 or so guys that i meet last weekend were really cool and i would love to hangout and drive and bbq and shoot the **** with them and others. someone needs to take charge and set this stuff up and i would love to set it up and keep it organized and that is my proposal. (damn i sound like im trying to sell something to you guys, like im running for office
so sorry about the novel and please keep the comments coming, i need your two or three cents on the issue. thanks for the help guys, ryan
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