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yup. Happy Days lost the vf34 title on Monday. so sad. but the cars are a bit different.

pent up's car is 'rare' in that he has a lot of small mods combined and relatively fresh motor... and a fairly agressive tune on it all. Its not fair to just say 'vf34'. With a vf34 you will normally get 240-245 this type of dyno. If you break 250 you are doing very good. 255-260 needs clean car not just the parts (in terms of car care), it is about the limit. **there are quite a few running in the lower mainland dyno'ing in at 250+ on vf34**. To break 300 you need a bigger turbo and a lot of other mods (including an STi). To get those numbers everything has to be right. Good plugs, good hoses, good exhaust, good gas, etc. We are very careful to run the dyno consistent so its not false numbers. In this specific case, keeping the car 'right', It helps that he is a mechanic. 235 is about the limit on the TD04. I'm not talking about 'over-running the turbos' to get a big dyno number, of course you can make better numbers than this, I'm talking about street tunes expected to be run for the life of the car. Although the stage 1/2 STis are hitting those power numbers (peak power), the torque curve is like double, so its not really even comparable except the peak hp number.

We've also seen 18gs hit 250 **before fine-tuning**.
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