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Pre, thanks for the giant response! I'm not gonna quote it all because it was so extensive, so just going to write a little by category.

Alarm + Cams - I currently have an Xfinity security system, which has been really nice. I have an open/close sensor on every downstairs window and door, two motion sensors and two indoor cams. I want to add a couple exterior cams as well, but 14 does sound like a lot.

Doors - Got kids in the house so no double cylinders except on the front security door, but that's only locked using the handle twist lock, and a very rarely accessed side door on the garage. I would like to get a solid door for the master bedroom. Even in the rental I could take it with me to the next house.

I've replaced the short hinge and plate screws with 3" screws, adding a few upgraded plates but nothing full door. I've seen the videos and stuff, but I'm in a rental and I'm not ripping out the door frames. I did find a neat adapter for the deadbolt that prevents lockpicking by freezing the interior lever.

Flip Guard -

All the doors and frames at this place show signs of some attempted force applied. The garage side door seems pretty rotten in a few places, so just trying to reinforce that where possible.

I did try a few different door braces, but they were so visible I didn't like the environmental change the kids noticed, which was essentially like putting a "club" on the front/garage door.

Windows - Each is covered by an open/close alarm sensor sensitive to ~2 inches. My son and I just tested that out a few days ago, which was kinda fun. We don't use the sliding glass door a whole lot so there's a dowel and security film on it. I was surprised how cheap that stuff is, $25 for a 24inx13ft roll. If I owned I'd have that professionally installed on all downstairs windows as it's a PITA to put on, but seems to be pretty good tech.

Driveway/Vehicles - Can't really comment here, except I don't keep vehicles outside when possible. My neighborhood has a lot of petty theft, especially mailboxes and vehicles. I can't believe how often people leave their cars unlocked with stuff inside. Amazeballs.

Weapons - Ear protection for home defense? I've never heard of that before, I'd think it would make it much more difficult to be on a 911 call, or communicating with family members, or hearing what's going on in the rest of the house. Is that a normal thing?

As for the weapon, very similar. Beretta 1301 cruiser ready with 3 shells, extended tube, sling, some lighting goodies, laser, reflex red dot, in a Shot Vault mounted above my master bedroom closet door. It's got one full 6 shell saddle and I have a little chest thing that hangs next to it with another 15 or 20. I don't like storing the shotgun with a full tube because of the spring tension, but that's really debatable for sure. In the safe is also a glock 17 with some loaded mags *if* I had to actually get into the safe, which I wouldn't plan to.

Yes, the shotgun is the one thing I've kinda tacticool'ed out on. They really are wicked fun, though.

I've been thinking about putting the glock into a bio safe near the bed. The shotgun is still #1 goto, but at least it makes the pistol more accessible.

No CCW, I'm in CA.

House - I disagree significantly on defensive positions in the house. I've thought a lot about my specific environment and have made a plan, communicated and even practiced with the kids (like a fire drill). If an alarm goes off, we are booking it to our safe spot. If dad is screaming down the hallway "danger danger danger" at 3am, we aren't fighting, we're running to the bunker and calling 911, basically. I know where I have high ground, a fatal funnel, penetrating rounds are going through several interior walls then have 100 yards or so to the next house across a wide avenue, and finally a route out the window via a fire escape ladder. The way this house is laid out, if the door were solid to limit that entry, there's no other way in at all, not even close. I'm very confident we could hunker there while authorities arrive.

Dog - Damn you. /kinda teary. See below, but can't happen currently but will as soon as possible. I do have a Bearded Dragon to defend, and he's super cool. Not very barky, though.

Current and deteriorating conditions - The Rona and such, I've seen my neighborhood/town/neighboring towns deteriorate for sure. Constant mailbox and vehicle thieves of opportunity. Sure, that's not really a threat I guess, but the town's police log of shootings and robberies have gone up quite a bit. Within a year or two I'll likely have a new train station constructed almost next door to my neighborhood, and going by the closest stops on that train line, the stations are *not* beneficial to the locals. My town is next in line and has begun to get some nasty traffic already from a shift east, originating from Oakland and slowly working east over 30 or 40 years.

My yard backs to a very busy avenue with fireworks and idiots doing dumb stuff all the time (not sideshow level thankfully), which attract opportunists.

In general, for probably 200 bucks in random hardware stuff, it's been a positive experience. Like a little hobby, where I get to do super minor things (to this rental house anyway) that do make me feel better, contrary to the paranoia idea.

Originally Posted by upnygimp View Post
Relax. If someone wants you dead, you're likely dead. The only thing obsession with home defense produces is paranoia.
I believe you are in Law Enforcement? If I'm not mistaken, you may have a lot of experience here and you're probably right on the other end. I'm 99.99% sure nobody actively wants me specifically dead, but it's only a few little home improvement bits that sure help some of us sleep. I'd also not consider my simply asking if there was a home defense thread to be considered an obsession. When I'm home at night, asleep with kids, no dog, I'll take all the easy defensive measures I can find.

Originally Posted by inchoate View Post
Seriously, get a dog.
I wish, but can't while at this current rental. When I end up buying again I'll have another pooch for sure, and do miss feeling much more comfortable leaving some downstairs windows open at night. Used to have a female Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that was the best dog I've ever owned. She was alert and perimeter minded, if a little impossible to keep quiet at the doorbell, but not aggressive at all***8230;unless it was a gopher or large wingspan bird on the trails. Quite a sight that was, pulled a gopher once out of a trap, still sort of alive, kinda tossed it into the air and she snatched it and chomp chomp, gulp, gone. Woah. The Great Herons and Egrets on the trails would just short circuit her brain, tried a lot of training with those birds, no good. Best we had was to just let her run and swim after them. She'd swim and swim, find ducks, then another Egret, more swimming, while we just walked on the trail next to the creek. Miss that swamp dog smell sometimes, oof.

Originally Posted by tcs007 View Post
I'm assuming since you're in the gun thread this is about self defense in your home. So the best advice anyone can give you is take some classes revolving around self defense in the home.

Nothing beats actual training.
Absolutely. There's a couple local places that do low light indoor classes that I'm interested in. The question was posed super generally, though, and doesn't have to do with firearms. This thread was just the only thing even remotely recent I could find.
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