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Originally Posted by OrbitalEllipses View Post
Is that copy pasta, an elaborate fiction, or you just really serious about hole defense...?
Nope, fo' real. Why would someone do fiction?

As I have slowly remodeled parts of the house, put in new doors, windows, etc, each time it was just an extra step to beef ish up. Need new door handles, locking ones a couple bucks extra per, same for deadbolts. Needed new storm door for the front, the security version an extra $100 or so. Surveillance system, my guy was selling all hardware at cost and just charging me labor. Fencing was there when I bought the house. Wood has been replaced and I have added some to one side to block off that side of the house that has the condenser, power meters, all copper, fiber, coax, power, and gas line. Neighborhood is alley fed and usually if anything is going to happen, will happen in the back. House has severely appreciated so all good investments. The officer that showed up for zip drive said "you've have to be a dumb ass to f around your property" and I laughed as he was petting the Mal. I save a lot of $ in other areas so yeah I take security seriously, home and autos.
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