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Originally Posted by jsmaze View Post

Is there a (modern) "Home Defense" kind of thread? Some searching found an attack Chihuahua, several probably legit threads about CCW/HD but from 2007/2008 (kinda understandable), Castle Doctrine from 2014...

Anyway, modern? I don't want to start bumping 10+ year old threads if there's something better. I've been doing a lot of research and already applying basics at home, and always like hearing from OT.

I do understand that a lot of this kinda stuff doesn't exactly age and the basics are still relevant. Soft and hard deterrence, hardening, monitoring, defense, planning, and so on.
Thatís somewhat vague but Iíll take a shot with what I have to give you some ideas.

Obviously a home alarm. Mine is cellular based with battery backup so even if my power is cut, it still works. I can arm/disarm on the keypads or via app on the phone.

I also run an elaborate home surveillance system. 14 cameras in all, 2 are Ring devices as I wanted audio and a mic in those locations The rest are wired in and itís a mix of PTZís, and PTZ zoom cameras and 2 trackers that automatically track humans. All set to record motion. I run dual ISPís at home, with UPS, and my DVR for the system is also hidden and has UPS so even a power cut I can remote monitor the house if Iím not at home and the UPS cannot be found. The trackers have an app but I use the main DVR app to control them then ring has an app specifically for their devices since they arenít hooked into my DVR.

All exterior doors have deadbolts that are dual cylinders. So even if an attacker or thief could bust the multi pane windows there are no levers to flip to unlock the door, you need a key. That door is not going to open, period. And when I redid the front door, I forget the name of the product but I bought a security mounting system that you have to drill into the frame. Makes a door kick damn near impossible unless itís the fire department or LE and either will have a hard time. Front door has a security storm door on it also that has a 3 point locking mechanism on it and I paid extra for the glass in it. The glass is like a windshield. Even a brick thrown at it multiple times will not break it, itíll crack but not break and Iíve seen video of someone attempting it. My interior doors were hollow core so as I replaced them one by one with solid core I put locking handles on the bedroom doors and the closets that have ďitemsĒ worth something. So if an idiot can even get through my security measures, inside, they have more issues getting into rooms. If I travel, I lock the whole place up, best of luck.

All windows of the house are modern multipane that are a bish to get through. And all of them have fencing around them (8ft to 10ft fencing) sans the front 3 and thatís the front door area with above said devices installed.

Any vehicle parked outside has a compustar alarm with app connectivity. So anywhere in the world you have WiFi or cellular connectivity you can remotely monitor, start, etc. I was out of town for 3 weeks last Oct/Nov and the alarm would let me know my battery in the vehicle was low. So I fired up my camera pointed at the vehicles and remote started it to charge it 4000 miles away.

HD weapon remains a Benelli M4 with 21 shells onboard. 7+1+1 in it with 2 side saddles, one on the receiver, one on the stock, each saddle has 6 rounds so 21 in all. I use Federal buckshot and with a shottie you need to pattern the load at the range so you know the spread. The M4 has laser/light combo on it and itís slung with QDís. I keep ear pro in the nightstand. I will be changing this to a braced Scorpion with a can sometime this year. This will eliminate the need for ear pro and save my K9ís ears. Itís just a more convenient package. Just a light mounted on it. My safe is within easy reach of my bed, quick, so sometimes I have the HD weapon close other times itís at the front of the safe at the ready. And I always have my CCW close by in a holster.

There there is the K9. I have a Mal, that I trained in Schuthund for personal protection. She isnít titled as I have no need as Iím not breeding. My previous GSD was the same. I train them on the side. A good K9 is the most valuable. You donít have to get a GSD, Mal, etc, but itís good to have one because of their ears. Many breeds are defensive in nature and will protect the pack. Just the dog barking will deter thieves to move on to easier prey.

Defensive positions in the house to me are pointless. You fight from wherever you are. If you have a family just practice getting all of them, quickly into one location.

I live in a nice area with very low crime but since the pandemic started, we are seeing things we have never seen before. We have some thugs checking car doors. If they are open they are looting it. they are breaking into some of them. And I got a guy busted already. He was opening up all our mailboxes on the street very late at night stealing. He couldnít have got much as most people check them every day. But I got video of him doing it up and down the street, including my mailbox. We called LE and they wanted my DVR but I gave them video files on a zip and they busted the fíer.
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