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My wagers were correct, down in my basement now and drop ceiling is 7 foot and the areas where the beams are 6.5 feet. The back section of lowered 6.5 ceiling is 5 feet wide and runs along the back wall, so projector can't be mounted there, would have to be more forward than that, so directly above the seats. The "just get an 85" and call it a day" seems to have more merit now.
Yeah this is what I was kindly trying to tell you. In your pics, you can move the seats as close as you want. The 85 is going to be money. You can just slide your seating area forward until it is where your ideal viewing distance will be. Everyone is different in this regard. The 85 will be perfect. A projector would have to be mounted right over the seating area and they give off heat and make noise from the fan running. If you have no issue spending the AC money to compensate for the heat, and you run the AVR a little louder then no problem. You can kill the side effects of that projector but to get a good 4k projector and screen it is so much more expensive than a quality panel. That was my dilemma, go out all just to have a projector then I would have to get chintzy speakers, crap subs, cheap AVR, nah. It needs to be thought of as an overall project. You want to equalize all the stuff you are going to buy. Not overspend in one area and underspend in another.

You just need to paint the walls a dark color. I did flat medium gray. You want it so when you kill the lights it is pitch dark in there with just the screen visible. I would focus your $ on the audio with dual subs and get 4 Atmos channels mounted in the ceiling or my preference, on the walls with adjustable mounts so if you need to change angles due to a seating change in the future, you can. 2 in front of the seating area and 2 behind the seating area. As long as you choose good speakers and AVR you are going to get that theater experience. You should start looking at the new FALD panels from Sony that just released at CES. You are going to have a killer HT down there if the audio is solid.

Edit: What you are running for speakers? Looks like Klipsch stuff on your front channels and sub. Just get a second sub, and Kipsch sides/rears, and your ceiling is ideal for Atmos speaker installation. But I would not drill that ceiling until you nail down your seating location. You will probably have to get a new AVR. Few run 7.2.4. I had to get a Marantz SR8012 as I did not want to run dedicated amps The 8012 is the only one they mfr in Japan, the rest are China.
And looking at your room pics for the 2nd time, dude, you have got an ideal room for HT, big time. Yeah your ceiling height is low but I have seen many 50k-100k theater setups in homes with less ideal room dimensions. You will be fine, that is a killer room man. You have got wide walls.FL Sub Panel Sub FR would be what I would do for the front arrangement unless you want to put both subs behind you against the wall firing towards you in the seating area. I really do not think you have a ton to spend. New panel and AVR. 2nd sub, sides and rear channels. Bookshelf Klipsch speakers for the sides and rears will be sufficient with some stands from Monoprice. None of that will be too much $, just the AVR you will be cussing. I cussed, and I got mine at cost. In the end, yeah, I doubt you will want to ever to a commercial cineplex again. 4k discs release 90 days after they are in the theater and you can buy it for less than what it would cost for a family to just buy tickets, nevermind the concessions and you get to hit pause to use the restroom, get a drink, food, or just take a break. And then you can rent, as I do, for about $3 per 4k disc.

I have been a film buff my whole life. Ever since 1980 as a small child. Films were an escape from a nasty childhood. Starting as a teen I would go to the theater every single weekend unless it was just the lull times. I did this and bitched the last 5-6 years because ticket prices have become insane and the ADD present and phone interruptions just wore me out. The last couple of years I was buying Cinemark 4 pack tickets at Costco for $8.50 a pop, otherwise it was $14-17.50 if I bought at the theater. $17.50 was for the XD Theater in my cineplex. Even then, the speakers and subs are far away and your home setup will annihilate it. A new Sony panel with Dolby Vision + Atmos in the ceiling = Dolby Cinema. The cineplexes that have a Dolby Cinema theater fester and market the F out of it, and guess what? You can have the same thing at home. i dork out on this ish because after I redid my room I could not believe what I was missing, how I was able to do it all cost efficiently, and I am stoked every time I go in there. My PQ is better than a commercial cinema, and my audio blows IMAX theaters out of the water. 4k discs have surpassed what you can get out of a commercial cinema, any of them, IMO. It was April of 2019 I was at a Marvel film (not a big fan of them btw) and it was the 2nd film in a row where I had an ADD millennial next to me fiddling with their hair and doing smartphone interruptions. For 2 years in a row every single time I would go to see a movie the phones. I was there to escape life, take a break and enjoy a good film. Only to be interrupted by some narcissistic ass hole on their phone. I mean every single film for 2 years in a row. I walked out, said no fin more, and whatever it takes to bring this home. Best investment of my entire life. Vaya Con Dios AMC, Cinemark, etc. You should have done something about this phone crap years ago. They will never see another dime out of me.
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