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i would say the same thing after researching turbo kits and having three friends that have had turboed rs's. i even started buying parts for the turbo kit and then realized that the swap would be more reliable and about the same price. i am planning on doing a JDM v.3 sti swap into my rs. garage tuning will do the full swap with exhaust, act clutch, flywheel and everything running, out the door for about $6000. or you could do the swap yourself if you're good at wiring and have the resources. the JDM motors will make quite a bit of power though, like for an sti engine depending on the year and if it had any mods, it will probably make between 250 and 300 hp. i would definitely do the swap though. even if you got a usdm motor from a wrecked wrx or something, you are still looking at 217hp (i think) and that's a totally stock motor. if you wanted to and had the money afterward, you could buy a turboback exhaust, up-pipe, and the COBB accessport and run with american STi's easy. just my $.02.

on the other hand, one of my friends rs's had an sti turbo/intercooler, headers, (and a bunch of other stuff), and after tuning he had about 300 hp at 7 psi of boost with really quick spool-up and good torque. i have definitely heard of people blowing motors like this though, and it is always better to have a turbo on a car that was meant to have one from the factory. if you do go the turbo kit route you should definitely get a standalone engine management system, which are usually about $1500 say if you got the hydra.
What did your friend with the boosted rs do about tuning specifically? What EM did he do and what all did he change fuel system wise, if he's ever told you
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