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Default SWIC Private Classifieds Rules - READ THIS

NASIOC, SWIC, its moderators and sponsors are not responsible for any posts, transactions (positive or negative), monetary losses, or claims that occur in this sub-forum. Use at your own discretion.



Guidelines and rules for FS posts in our SWIC local classifieds forum:

1. Please limit your threads as much as possible by combining multiple items into 1 thread. Multiple threads will be either closed or moved at the discretion of the moderators.

2. Do not excessively bump your thread, please limit this to 1 a day. This forum moves much slower than PFS, so multiple bumps a day is not needed. If you are bumping your thread more than once a day you may want to consider moving it to PFS.

3. Do not simply link to a different thread, you must include all pertinent content. Then, if it is still required, you may link to the other thread.

4. The subject line of such threads should be fully descriptive. The proper format would be "FS:", "FT:", "WTB:" etc. followed by the items in question and preferably including a location (AZ, NM, NV, PHX, LV, etc.). This will help you get responses to your post as well as help people avoid wasting time reading threads they may have no interest in. Improperly titled threads are subject to editing or locking/deletion by the moderators.

5. Do not advertise something that you do not have in-hand. If you think you might have something to sell, wait until you have it in hand and available before posting.

6. No Auctions. Pick a price or put o.b.o. If you want to auction an item you may want to try ebay.

7. Update your thread. If your item sells, be sure to edit your post and mark it as sold.

All normal NASIOC rules also apply here. If you are not a NASIOC registered vendor, do not offer services/specials here. This forum is stictly intended for the trading of goods, not rendered services.


1. Any serious claims of fraud or misrepresentation must be filed with local law enforcement or other applicable agency. NASIOC, its moderators and sponsors take no responsibility for your transactions.

2. All pricing concerns should be made via PM. If you feel that the seller is asking too much, this needs to be done via PM. The first time that a user trolls a thread with comments aimed at derailing a sale, the post will be deleted and the user will be warned via PM. The second time, the user will receive points. If the mods feel that the offender is attempting to be cute by acting as if he can get away with one free derogatory post without retribution, points will be given.

3. Keep unrelated comments to a minimum. This sub-forum is for sales only. Any and all topical discussions belong in the main SWIC forum.


Your friendly (mostly) local SWIC mods
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